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I was tagged by @Morganelisbeth 1). Selfie I'm 29 I live in Ohio. I am a single mother and I'm a factory worker.
2). Dream guy Someone like Bang YongGuk he's sweet loving has the most beautiful smile and he's a great leader that's why he's my UB.
3). Current status I'm a single mother of a beautiful 8 year old who means the world to me. I love her the most.
d). Romantic story I don't have one sadly sorry. T-T
5.) What I look for Just someone with a good personality and sense of humor. A beautiful smile that makes me happy. Like YongGuk. That's all. @nikkitty @prettieeEmm if u been tagged and done it just tag me in it so I can see
you're daughter is so adorable!
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thank you :)
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Your daughter is gorgeous!
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thank you
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