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1. Selfie! Ok this is me here I am aren't I pretty (read weird)? A little bit about me I just turned 27 on Saturday, my name is Kelly (my username isn't an alias ^^), I basically love everything I'll give anything a try once. K-dramas and K-pop own my life now. All my friends are either in relationships, are married, have kids, having kids, or getting married and I'm just over here obsessing about all things Korean. Kinda sad but I love it.
2. Dream Crush Oh goodness so many come to mind.. But two are real front runners. Donghae and Kwangsoo. They both have qualities and personalities that I love so I'd love to date them in my own lil fantasy world. ^^ Oh and also these three too! Aidan Turner, Stuart Townsend, and Colin O'Donoghue. I'm thoroughly Irish so anyone Irish I just love. A had a co-worker once tell me 'you're either going to marry a good irish boy or a korean guy and move to Korea.' I was like that would be perfect LOL!
3. Current Status Single... with options? Ugh it's hard to explain. I haven't even told my family this yet... I AM single but someone has kinda asked me to marry him and is basically just waiting for me to make up my mind. So it's like a standing open proposal?? I don't know I'm so confused guys. We went to highschool together and were friends but lost touch after and recently reconnected this past year. I mean we've only talked we haven't even seen each other since school which was 7 years ago. I thought he was joking at first but almost every time we talk he brings it up and says he's serious. I told him I couldn't give him an answer one way or the other right now as we really don't know the other well enough anymore to make the right decision for both of us and I need to get my life back on the track I want it to be on (he knows what I'm talking about and fully supports me on that) and to give me time. And he agreed to that. He said take as long as I need. We're supposed to get together for dinner in January when he's back in the States. I don't know what to do... I don't know what the best course of action is here. Help me...
4. Most Romantic Memory or Story Don't have one, I have dismal luck in relationships and they never last longer than a few months. I know a gesture I'd LIKE though from a future partner. If he sees I had a bad day and just pulls me in for a hug and cuddle for the rest of the day/night. This is big for me because I don't really like to be touched or have anyone in my space except when I feel upset I just want a hug even though I don't say it, so if he knows that it would mean he really cares and knows me.
@ChaErica ok tag me! @netchtiBates thanks, if you do it tag me on your's! @InPlainSight lol thanks! I have a panda beanie too that everyone loves and tries to steal @Meeshell thank you!!! I just might take you up on that offer sometime ^^ @RainaC3 aww thanks sweetie ^^
@KellyOConnor Gorgeous!!!! You're such a cutie!! :D Haha I love your obsession with all things Irish and Korean. Psshh someone as adorable as you (and rocking that penguin hat, like @InPlainSight said) won't be single for long!! You seem really sweet and funny, there's gotta be a guy around who will appreciate that :) And it sounds like there already is... my advice on the "open marriage proposal" (lol) is that... well... you gotta date first! Minimum 2 years of dating before marriage. That's my rule. And if this person isn't someone who you're passionately in love with, who will truly make you happy as a partner, then... well, I say never settle. Keep your heart open for Kwang Soo :) (who I think it's hilarious that you like, btw. I think he's HILARIOUS)
@ChaErica if you want to, you don't have to do it if you don't want to though! ☺
@KellyOConnor I feel 97...but I behave like 7....
Stuart Townsend in leather pants a la Queen of the Damned caused my sexual awakening.
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