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I remember a couple of years ago, it was 'crossfit this' and 'crossfit that.' My Facebook feed was bloated with WOD and bleeding hand calluses -- worn with pride and a symbol of unwavering strength.
Numbers for lifts were stretched on statuses, a nudge for recognition and admiration. And in between those crushing numbers were injuries, torn skin, aching knees, and the occasional spit of why-the-fuck-did-I-gain-weight-if-I-am-working-my-ass-off-and-eating-paleo?!
Today, it seems like my feed has become void of anything fitness, particularly crossfit -- and they are few and far between. The people who used to video tape their timed workouts, are now video tapping themselves with a cold beer in their hands with a burger that's not quite paleo. What happened?
Although crossfit often gets a bad rap for just being a breeding ground for risky movements and injuries, that could have been very well avoided, it's not all bad. It allows people to become active, it provides a support system, you have someone to motivate you every moment of the workout, and you learn a thing-or-two about lifting weights and overall fitness.
According to an article by Next Level Crossfit, there are three main reasons why people are quitting crossfit:
1) It's expensive
2) Injury/overtraining
3) Lack of progress

If you were into crossfit, why did you stop?

Crossfit was INTENSE a while back, I remember that well. I think it was also the amount of science in it that says it's not super healthy for you too. yeah it's exercise, but exercise it meant the help you be healthier not just to make you look good.
I love the idea of keeping workouts different and doing "real-life" style workouts. All that is great. But I don't agree with the group style workouts because EVERYONE is at a different level. And human nature, what it is, there is an element of one-upmanship and competition, which, in a group exercise setting, can BE DANGEROUS. I love the guys that I follow on social media because they keep it real: YOU ARE COMPETING WITH THE PERSON IN THE MIRROR. Also, don't compare your 6 month workout results with a IFBB pro who's been lifting for 4 years.