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Do you ever feel like maybe you were born in the wrong time?

Maybe in the wrong body, the wrong family, the wrong... something? I think, to some degree, we all feel like this at one point or another. For many people alive today, it might be a common idea.
Maybe you had dreams of success as a young person. Maybe you thought you could one day woo an audience with your talent, or save lives as a gifted surgeon. Maybe you were going to get that law degree and you could finally tell your mom that yes, you do have a real job, and no, it's not writing on the internet or something stupid mom jeez get off my back okay I'm trying, mom, I'm really trying and I know I'm not as smart or talented as Barry but jesus, he studied violin for like a million years of course he got accepted to Harvard.
Well I can't make you feel like you're not in the wrong body or job or timeline, and I definitely can't make your mom love and appreciate you for your own strengths, but hell, something (maybe) can.

That something is Aviary Attorney.

Now, you might find yourself thinking about this like noted Bird Law Practitioner Charlie Day, that the way our law system is set up in this country means that Bird Law is governed not by reason, but by outdated stereotypes of birds.
I mean, really. It's not like Perry J. Birdly meant to kill his bird-wife, right? The case only got so much attention because she was a Mockingbird anyway. If she had been a blue-jay, no one would have ever heard of it. God damn finnicky types, hanging on to the irrelevant details.
But that's okay. This game doesn't highlight the bird-racists. In fact, this game decides to do away with the craziness that is the American Bird Law system.
Instead, it focuses on the much more reliable and sensible practice of Bird Law in France. Specifically, 19th century France.
So yeah. If you feel like you're ready to take the courtroom into your own wings, this is the game for you. It just came out on Steam today, and it's definitely something everyone needs to play, to release the inner bird inside.
Though maybe you don't want to focus on your bird-career. Maybe you want to settle down with a nice bird-spouse and raise some little bird-kids. You'll have movie night and watch your favorite film, Birdman. That's if you're hard-pressed for an authentic, modern-day bird experience (birdsperience).
If that's the case, check out that other bird game. I hear there's some cool new DLC.
@VinMcCarthy It's certainly a career I think we could all fly high in.
@butterflyblu @inplainsight @paulisadroid @jelloston @littlemaryk you all strike me as people who would be interested in being bird-lawyers
Looks like if you Bird Lawyer it up for a couple of years you can afford a 98 Ford Taurus.
Life is now complete
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