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Bangtan Girls?

So I was scrolling through my Ig and I saw this but It sounds a bit funny to be true...😳 @Emealia
Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that they're just going to dress up BTS
Is I weird that I didn't even read it at first because I was just staring at Suga and wondering how good he looks? LOL But Jin is the pink princess and Joonie is a dance monster to me LOL
so if its true they are kicking jin from his pink princess label and jungkookie has to share with a girl? I'm not really liking that idea I hope its not real...unless its the guys dressing up as girls lol
Good lord I'm giggling like a goofball
I WANNA BE SUGAR!!!! (I can spit bars too)....but I also I could be Dance Monster...but then J-Hope is life so I could be T-Hope....But I have always aspired to be a letter so W sounds tempting.....but JungCookie sounds cute.....UGH SO MANY CHOICES.....but there is a slight problem.... I cant speak Korean..... (basically, I really wanna be a Kpop Artist even though I'm African American and from Texas....and 13 years old....)
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