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"On the 4th day of christmas my true love gave to me"...4 kpop boygroup ^.^ ok so here are my 4 favorite kpop boy groups
JJCC- OT5 & now OT7. I've been KEY since debut. I love JJCC and even the 2 new members, I instantly welcomed them and they fit so well with the other members. JJCC is 1 of the most under rated kpop groups they deserve so much more attention. #4
UNIQ soooooo lol UNIQ or my Thot Group as I call them is #3 favorite kpop boy group. I became a UNICORN during the summer when they released EOEO and its been a mess ever since lol
Topp Dogg OT13 & OT10 It has been a very.....busy year for TD. with the loss of 3 members I was scared that TD would eventually disband but they didn't. I've been Topp Klass for 1 year! I've seen them live and they are the best! #2
B.A.P here I go being all biased again XD I have alot to say about B.A.P but I don't want to drag this post so I'll keep it short and to the point. B.A.P is my bias group, my first ever Kpop concert and BABY is my first official fandom that I joined. I didn't think I would be able to see B.A.P perform anytime soon because of the lawsuit with TS but now that its fine and resolved, my KINGS are back and slaying like never before. I hope to see them in concert again in the new year! My #1
LOL Mine would definetly 100% be BTS <3 Then Seventeen because they are my babies. And then Ikon and winner , because I cannot seperate them LOL
mine is bts big bang seventeen and GOT7