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I seem to get this question a lot but I can never fully explain it so I think I'll have to make a card about this in the near future... but for now I just show you a small fragment of why I like GD♡
So imagine there's a concert going on, millions of people out there screaming your name, but there this one fan in particular who catches your eye.....not because you wanna flirt or get his or her number....but because you just wanna talk to them
He literally walked of stage and just sat and talked with his disabled fan for a while
Like he even signed her hat and helped her put it on
like where do I get one of him
please direct me to the nearest Kwon Jiyong. ...because *J-Hope's Voice* my-my's heart! !
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LOL If you find one of him can you get me one too? XD
So sweet!!!!!
Seriously, what is there not to love about this man (smoking aside)? He's just so... so... wonderful. My heart can't take it. #ForeverGDragonTrash
@Helixx At this point I need him to stop being Jiyong , my heart just can't deal with the feels he gives me . . okay he can still be Jiyong ....but please tone done on the cuteness, I think I'll need an inhaler if we keep going at this rate lol
@KwonOfAKind I'm asthmatic so I already have an inhaler. If he causes you to need one, you an borrow mine.