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1. Selfie I don't usually take selfies but I have a few. I just turned 20 on December 16th, my name is Erica. I'm a red head, I got my red hair from my mother. I'm in my second year of college. My favorite color is purple. I'm from America. I can speak English and some Japanese because I've had three semesters of it in college. I got into k-pop last year, but I had saw a few k-pop videos by SS501, Super Junior, and SHINee before then. I also love to write, I'm not the best writer but my major used to be in Creative Writing, I've since changed it. I write on AFF and wattpad if you guys are interested! ;)
2. Dream Crush Of course my ultimate bias, Cha Hakyeon is my dream crush! He's so adorable and cute and handsome and I should stop now because I can go on and on about him. I also like Mark Tuan from GOT7 but Hakyeon is always number 1!
3. Current Status Single, I've been single since my Junior year of high school, so for about three years. My last relationship was with some guy who I really liked but he was a player and I knew that going into the relationship. I was stupid! But back to the present, I've been too busy for a boyfriend lately because of college.
4. Most Romantic Memory or Story Probably my Junior year whenever me and same boyfriend mentioned above just lied on his couch watching movies all day. Nothing too major but it was fun and relaxing!
5. What do you look for in a partner? Someone who is fun and open-minded. People think that watching anime and listening to k-pop music is weird and I want someone who isn't going to judge me for what I like. I also want them to be honest because I cannot deal with another boyfriend like my last one. Thanks @KellyOConnor for tagging me in your post!! Idk if you all have done it but I'm going to tag you in it anyways! @KokoroNoTakara @ScYrRyL36 @kpopandkimchi
@ChaErica Yep... I can't see myself marrying anyone but a Korean now... Been that way for the last year...
@KokoroNoTakara Our expectations are high!
@ChaErica I want either a Key lookalike or a Taehyung lookalike...
@KokoroNoTakara I hope a Hakyeon lookalike comes along real soon lol!
@KellyOConnor that's why my mom won't let me dye it lol.
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