Hello fellow Vingler lovebugs! A few days ago, @AlloBaber created the Lovebug Challenge, which is a list of questions that we could answer to get to know each other. The link to the original guideline card can be found: HERE I have been tagged in so many of these cards the past two days, I figured I had to cede to the peer pressure and do this. So let us get started eh?


Here is my face. These pics are relatively old cause I didn't have anything recent on the computer I am using (unlike my phone where everyone photo is a selca) but they get the job done. I am literally wearing the same exact thing as I am in that first picture, so still pretty accurate I suppose. Some things about me: My name is Bailey and I am 23 years of age. I currently reside in middle of nowhere Texas, but grew up the majority of my life is not so middle of nowhere Texas. I currently am in the middle of figuring out a bunch of things, which mainly consists of me spiraling in and out of self loathing and anxiety. Adulthood is awesome you guys. 10/10 would recommend. My interests include K-pop, pop music that is mainly produced in South Korea, and Korean popular music. Also should be noted most of what I say is either dripping in sarcasm or just plain ridiculous, because I am hella goofy.


Hmmm. I am going to go a little off the norm here. My dream k-pop crushes are as follows: Bang Yongguk- Not my bias in BAP, but I have such a giant platonic crush on him I just want to hang out, snuggle, and listen to music forever with this man. Min Yoongi - Pretty much similar as Guk, not my bias in BTS, but also just want to straight up have a giant open platonic marriage with this man. Amber Liu - She is such a bright sunshine I can't deal. Shin Donggeun - PENIEELLLLLL. Bright. Friggin. Sunshine. Sassy. Pants.


Single, been so for a few months. Still pretty hung up on my ex even though I was the one that ended it.


So, I generally forget everything. Like something super awe inducing probably happened at least once in the few long term relationships I've been in, but do I remember anything that intense? No. Of course I don't. So I am going to mention just a small, sweet memory that I hold dear. Though it may not be the most romantic or whatever, it is important to me. So probably about 8 months into my exes and my relationship, I was over visiting (I live about an hour away so I would always stay a few days) and we were doing our favorite activity: staying in bed and cuddling, avoiding the outside world, and scrolling through our tumblrs. We stumbled upon Boy/girlfriend tag questions (the ones that were going around youtube once upon a time) and decided to do it, not filming it or anything, just us alone answering questions about each other and our relationship. We literally did this thing for a few hours, well late into the night, just laughing, being goofs, and occasionally talking about something deep if the conversation led in that direction. It was such a comfortable experience and just really lovely for me to be so open with someone (I do not do this as a rule). Not really WOW crazy romance, but I enjoy the simple things in life. What can I say?


Pretty much my only two requirements are kindness and a sense of humor. And generally the sense of humor is less haha funny and more like...did you really just say that bro? kind of funny. But everything else is pretty whatever. If you are a genuine person who has a good heart, I'm pretty much heart eyes over you.
WOO ALL DONE! This seriously took me forever, since it quite on me halfway through like 4 times. Yeah. The struggle you guys... I am just going to tag anyone that tagged me in theirs or if I just know your username of the top of my head, and if you are reading this just by randomness and haven't done this thing, be my guest! @KellyOConnor @MorganElisabeth @thePinkPrincess @ChelseaJay @AimeeH @xxxtina @StephanieDuong (actually tagged me not in a giant block of people so this is dedicated to you girrrlll) @syodii @dancingdazzler @MischiefK1ng @malibella @VKookie47 @TracyLynnn @Dabaesaplayer @KpopGaby @kat121 @aleeejandraaa @KaiTakashima @LexTay327 @Emealia
Yaayyyy I loved yours!! :D @baileykayleen you're so adorable ^.^ that romantic memory sounds perfect. I agree, it's all about those little moments you cherish. it doesn't have to always be grand gestures :) just being quiet and snuggly with someone... that's the best :) (also, I totally know what it's like to be hung up on an ex you did the breaking up with. it's the worst -__-)
@dancingdazzler thank you! And not weird, I love talking about my tattoos lol. I have three. My first one is on my foot, and it is a rune from The Mortal Instruments that two people get together to combine their strengths and to make them better warriors. I have that with my best friend. My second one is on my right shoulder and is a sunflower, for my late grandmother. And my third one is on my left shoulder blade, and it says "Chin up love, drown a little slower" which I got with a good friend who battles with suicide and depression. It's a remind to both of us that though as humans we are all moving towards old age and death, we shouldn't do anything to quicken the process and just live to the fullest. Sorry I ramble :)
@baileykayleen for reals, I was disappointed but I really like the cast for the TV show
@Marblue143 I'm super stoked for the tv show! After the terrible movie, the show actually looks good.
@baileykayleen That's so cool. I've only read four but I'm waiting for the TV show
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