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The leader himself! This guy is a phenomenal leader, he definitely does great things with the group, and he seems like the perfect leader figure
He's super cute and super talented. I absolutely LOVE his skin tone (although that may be up to speculation for some). I don't like when he's whitewashed
I would greatly enjoy seeing these boys live, and I would love to watch N's choreography. Boy's got some skills! And he looks so god damned sexy doing it
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Yas I love his skin tone too! It's beautiful!
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back off hes mine -.- Jk we can share 😂😂
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that man is Carmel sweet rich and needs time to melt and savored.... ummmm heehee sorry mind wandered a bit
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LOL @kpopandkimchi I'm sorry once I saw this I thought of you. N is seriously slowly killing me , I'm trying to stay with Hyuk as my bias but N T_T
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