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Ohaiyo, Vingle Nakama. Today's next-to-last Decision December preliminary matchup is between two amazing fire wielders: the Next hero Fire Emblem, and the Fire Alchemist, Roy Mustang! A fight between these two is bound to be a blast!
Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang is a State Alchemist specializing in fire techniques, giving him his Alchemist Name, the Flame Alchemist. In alchemy, an alchemical circle is needed in order to produce any results. Roy has a special pair of gloves with special Fire Transmutation circles stitched into them, allowing him to create flames by creating a spark by rubbing his fingers. He then builds this into a blaze by manipulating the concentration of oxygen in the air around his hands, or wherever he wishes the spark to catch fire. He creates a path of increased oxygen concentration between himself and his targets and the flame almost instaneously catches and combusts towards and on, his victims. His attacks vary from extremely large explosions, to small accurate flames.
His only weakness occurs on rainy days, where the amount of humidity in the surrounding air makes spark creation impossible. These are the instances that cause his closest compatriate, Riza Hawkeye, to call him 'useless' and is somewhat of a sore spot for Roy.
Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem is a Next, a new breed of human with superhuman powers, and a Hero, one of the Next that protect the city and citizens of Stern Bilt. Fire Emblems power is to produce and manipulate extremely powerful flames from his hands. He is able to treat fire almost like a solid or liquid, collecting and coalescing flames into fireballs. He has the fastest activation time of all the Next, able to generate streams of fire just twitching a finger. He is also one of the most powerful Nexts, being capable of melting thick metal bars and walkways in a prison. Seen quite a fair amount in his high-speed, high-tech race car, he is also a very competent driver, often seen avoiding machinegun fire whilst driving after criminals.
Well, there you have it, our two fire-boys!! Place your bets, place your bets!!!!
VOTING WILL END AT 11 PM Mountain Time on the 23rd of December!
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Man, I need to broaden my anime horizons. I haven't been familiar with a few of these guys. But while I love Col Mustang, I feel like his major weakness, his gloves, would mean the fight. Plus, if Fire Emblem has any kind of resistance to fire, Roy is screwed cause he's still human with no such resistances. I love Mustang as a character and he's certainly in my top 10, but in a firefight (heh) I think he may lose.
I'm going with Roy. fire emblem may be a powerful hero but he's a little disorganized and he never killed anyone before. mustang on the other hand has fought in wars and not hesitate to kill someone if he saw fit to do so.
As much as I love Roy , Fire emblem would win.
@IanHand that's why I believe fire emblem would win.
I'm going with Roy based solely on the fact that he not only has manipulation of fire, but is also a tactical soldier. Fire emblem gets the gold in looking fabulous!!
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