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Tagged by the lovely @Emealia (and many other amazeball people) I shall join this matter how much it pains me!! (just kidding ^~^)
1) Selfie! Here is to me, a girl that doesn't like taking pictures and doesn't even really know how to work my angles, although this....picture I actually like heh! Excuse the weirdness of what is my face....this was taken at the beach.....and yea I know....after my haircut I look like a guy but....I'm not My name is Samantha (you can call me whatever you like if the name is too long) 19 yrs of age born and raised in Los Angeles!!!! I am finishing my second year of college! And I have been a fan of K-pop for at least 4 yrs.
2) Dream crush A hard choice but I shall be true to my ub Park Jimin!!! Look at my chimchim....ahh adorable!! ^~^/ ~(^-^~) (~^-^)~ \^~^
3) Current status Single as hell.....but secretly dating Wonwoo from Seventeen (so many biases heh) No....I have never in my life dated a person....the boys run when they see me (my little joke) ^~^ I guess he's somewhere out there just waiting to be found!!! ....No I don't mind being lonely as K-pop fills the gaps ~~~
4) Most romantic moment Yeah I don't have romantic moments but there is a memory that has stuck with me....for the last couple of years! Senior year, everyone is getting ready for prom....promposals all around! Then there's me also going to prom but preparing all alone...none of my friends were going so I thought to just enjoy being there (despite not liking huge crowds and a general dislike to dancing) So my best friend he decides to ask me to go with him (as friends but now that I think about it.....) in the end it was a huge surprise as ALL my friends were there!! So not romantic but a very happy moment! Excuse the photo I don't have (or cant find any photo of me wearing my dress)
5)What I look for.. Please be simple.....I just want a sincere guy who will make me laugh (a huge factor) and do all the usual gentlemen stuff heh ^~^ A ball of happiness because I sometimes tend to be boring....also one who respects my quiet times where I just read books..... be warm like Jimin, be energetic as Hobi, be mysterious as Wonwoo.....basically a lot to fill in I am sorry to my future partner heh!! Although with this huge gap they are meant to fill....well I wish them luck!
Oh and I am not tagging as people have been tagged up and down so I don't want to disturb But.....feel free to tag others heh
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LOL Of course I'm secretly dating my bias too , he just doesn't know it yet XD