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I think everybody supports this ship even if you are not a fan of Got7!! Mark and Jackson are one of the few people who actually embrace this ship whether its real or not!! I support this this ship has graduated to a relationship all the way through!! Thanks to @AikoPalman for suggesting this ship!!

They look so good together and they always enjoy to be around each other

...I love how they both embrace the fact that they are perfect for each other!!

They even eat together like a real couple would do..and what did Mark just say?? O_o

They just too cute and funny together!!!

You Heard Jackson Said It First!!!! MARKSON FOREVER!!! Do You Support This Ship(Relationship)?

OF COURSE I SUPPORT MARKSON LOL. Markson is seriously life <3 They are like meant to be with each other ^蠅^
This is my #1 ship!! I think the biggest Markson shipper is Jackson himself!
@kpopdeluxegirl I love all of got7 and I ship markson, and I feel the same I will always support all of them no matter their choice It just upset me that people can be mean to Jackson because he is the sweetest person
#1 ship 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 I didn't really ship anyone before markson this ship sails itself without trying. Even though there hasn't been very many Markson moments recently, but they are still there. I also read some where don't know if it's true that Jackson was being told of by some fans for being close to mark because they shipped Markjin? Anyone else hear about that? Not sure if it's true
This is my favorite ship. I love how they embrace it and how they act couplely towards each other. Markson Forever!!!!
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