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sorry I'm so late with this one. I got an email saying I had packages coming and I wanted to wait for them before I posted this.
so that BTS merch I own are a phone case and 2 Jackets (I have JungKook and Jin but I eventually want all 7 ),and 2 CDs and 1 poster ( but part 2 and the poster haven't arrived yet.) and then the seasons greetings and part 1(which just came like 20 mins ago :) and technically I own their other albums as well I just downloaded them so I didn't really count them since I didn't pay money for them :P
next item on my shopping list hahaha.
@nell03 thanks I will look
@KaiJae I got it on AliExpress. idk if they have them for the edge though.
LOL Jungkook is definelty always on my shopping list XD
i have the same jacket yaaaaaay
@Thelovelyscout thanks 馃槅
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