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It's been on the market for a little less than a year now, but I just found out about it: Romantimatic, the $2 app that reminds you to text your significant other to say, "I'm thinking about you."
The app was created by a computer programmer who found himself too often getting totally wrapped up in his work. 8 or 9 hours would go by, he said, when suddenly he'd realized he hadn't been in touch with his wife all day.
So Romantimatic was born. The app lets you schedule a reminder to text your significant other, which shows up as a notification on your phone. When you tap the notification, it gives you the option of writing your own message – or selecting one of the pre-programmed replies.
Pre-written messages include:
"I love you."
"I miss you."
"I was just thinking about you."
Along with several emoji options as well.
Of course, criticism for this new app, which the creator calls "a tool," has been widespread.
For example, if the app reminds you to think about your spouse, boyfriend, significant other... were you really "just thinking" of them?
And for those receiving a message sent by the app, is it as genuine as a real, "I miss you," or "I love you," text, sent by the person you love?
We use technology to find love, but how do we feel about using technology to tend to our loves?

Would you use Romantimatic, or allow your significant other to?

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I agree @peahyr, homemade gifts are the best :) I'm really really hoping my bf likes the homemade gift I made him... shhh don't tell but it's a photo book with all the photos from the first night we met, alongside some things we wrote for each other :) do you think a guy would like that??
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Personally I have to agree with you guys @InPlainSight @ChriSingularis, if it doesn't come from the heart and it's not spontaneous, it definitely doesn't mean as much. Who would want to receive a regular text at the same time every day anyway? I prefer getting texts at a variety of different times, corresponding to just when my boyfriend (or mom, or dad, or friend) is thinking of me :)
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He's going to LOVE it, Ally! I just know it! πŸ’œ I don't think I need the app in my life. It's a little tasteless... and lackluster. Where's the spontaneity? Smh.
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@AlloBaber I don't know if a guy would like that but I think that's so cute so I'm sure he'll like it
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It's cute but makes it kinda like a chore. And technology is cold. Rather have actions then words.
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