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[check my previous post, the "i made a manga" one to get the plot and such] so I decided to upload the first 5 pages... but I'm probably deleting it soon, it's probably difficult to read anyways... anyways I'm open to criticism or whatnot *sigh* carry on with your lives, keep scrolling @cricketboyes @kaminarihana :p
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Amazing! So glad you posted it. I'm proud of you for writing and drawing so much. I can barely get a page done myself (cause I'm an Aries and they are not patient people).
@KaminariHana tysm, and lol don't worry I have a habit of starting on an idea..but then I get a new Idea and start on that then leave the old idea behind XD u have no idea how many unfinished stories I have
This is really good so far!!!
So you're right I can't see the letters all to well but honestly the art looks really good! And what's great is that you can only get better from here ! Keep up the good work✌🏼️