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The Seven Deadly Sins! This anime is basically about this princess, Elizabeth, who goes on an adventure with the people who make up the seven deadly sins: Meliodas (Wrath) Diane (Envy) Ban (Greed) King (Sloth) Gowther (Lust) Merlin (Gluttony) Escanor (Pride) The sins and Elizabeth, along with a pig named Hawk, set out on a mission to help Elizabeth take back her realm. I really enjoyed this anime. It is funny at times and the fighting is very appealing. 10/10 for me ^^
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I'm almost certain they are coming out with another season where you will get to meet pride :)
2 years ago·Reply
@AnimeLove300 Yay i need another season
2 years ago·Reply
More like 50/10, I LOVED this anime. Yes yes 2016 will be a good year
2 years ago·Reply
"Ban!" "Captian" *and through the wall you shall go* my absolute favorite scene
2 years ago·Reply