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Trigger Warning: This video (and card) speaks about sexual assault and domestic violence.

CARE Norway team decided that it was time to remind us that 1 in 3 women world wide will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. So they made this video that forces us to accept that we are the reason that sexual violence is so prevalent.
Because all those jokes that are "just jokes" leads to a mentality that is way more dangerous then a kid just looking for a few laughs.
Check out the video below of a girl speaking to her father; explaining that because she is a female, things will be a lot different then they were for him growing up.
My favorite line;"I will be born a girl. Please do everything you can so that that wont stay the greatest danger of them all."
So now I ask you, how many times have you been called a bitch, a whore, a slut? Or have heard someone called those names? Or have called someone that?
How many times has a girl been insulted and dehumanized because she rejected someone?
How many times have we been told to not get to drunk while our male counterparts need not worry about anything but how much money they have for drinks?
How many times have you heard a rape joke? How many times did people laugh at it?

"I can really be a bitch sometimes."

Because of the way these words are thrown so casually after a rejection, we girls start to believe it. We start to doubt our feelings, believe the insults, worry that we aren't "being to outspoken," since since the dawn of time women have been told to keep their mouths shut.
Constant insults after the word "no" trains us to believe we are in the wrong.
Accepting rape jokes makes people believe that sexual assault isn't a big deal; that it can be brushed off with a laugh or an awkward chuckle.
So for the love of god, next time you hear a rape joe, don't laugh. Because like she said, there is some truth behind every joke. And every time you accept behavior like that, you are making the rape culture we live in stronger, and putting women's lives more at risk.
@ThiaLightleaf I totally agree that men get raped as well. I never said his didn't happen and I also never said that all men rape or sexual assault. However just because it does happen to men as well doesn't mean that should negate the rather overwhelming problem of sexual aggression that occurs to every female at some point in their life be it cat calling, lude gestures, rape jokes or threats, sex (or anything in between) when they are to drunk to consent or rape.
I was about to make a card on this. But also put my perspective on how raising a son you should instill some true basic beliefs, and morals to help prevent rape. Maybe I still should. it shouldn't just fall on raising your daughter or just the father.
This actually made me cry. This needs to be spread like wildfire. Especially at my school. People day things that are VERY offensive and I can't tell you how many times my butt has been grabbed by guys.
you see im just going to assume the person who made this is a joke. now here is why: in your post it talks about women getting abused sexually and has a remark about needing feminism. yet feminism demands equality, and yet your only talking about it happening to women. talk about how it happens to more then just women HOW IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE. it does happen to guys as well. unless people like you start to actually do everything equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. then feminism will not begin to progress. it will literally just make those that dont support it hate it, and that will breed more and more hate. i understand it happens to girls and that really fucking sucks, but it also happens to guys, and do you know what? that really fucking sucks too. also guys arent the only ones that rape. girls do it too. rape is horrible but anyone who just advocates about girls being raped or just about guys being raped is a joke because youre only telling half the story.
I agree with randysqwishy23, that we cannot solely blame men for our rape culture because a lot of women perpetuate this culture as well. I know a lot of girls who aggressively call each other whores and sluts and don't have a second thought about it.
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