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I barely know anything about World of Final Fantasy. I don't understand Japanese. I don't know who these two characters are (they seem to be twins [by seem I mean I read that somewhere]), I don't know why they're interacting with all the Final Fantasy characters, and I don't know why I'm so drawn to it.
Just kidding! I know exactly why I'm drawn to the game. It's because look at how cute Cloud looks. He's just a little cutie patootie and oh my ghost, how does he carry that little giant sword on his back. I just want to tousle his hair all over and ask him if he has a cat.
Because if he has a cat then I'd make the cat sit on his head so I can take pictures for my Instagram. And that's all life is about right? Weird pictures of our favorite video game characters looking super fucking cute with cats on their heads?
Have you ever had a cat on your head? When I used to have cats I'd sit and play video games for hours on end and they'd just climb up the back of my chair and plop down on the top of my head (I have a giant head) and sleep. Sure, it was distracting and annoying but it was cute.
I really wish I knew what was going on in this trailer though because I want to play this game at some point -- when it's finally released for western audiences -- and make little "squee" noises every time another Final Fantasy character shows up looking all chibi and shit.
Now that's what life is about. Working yourself up the Internet's social ladder so someone will draw you looking like a chibi-ass chibi if you know what I'm saying.
World of Final Fantasy will be available for PS4 and Vita sometime in 2016.
Yeah it's hard to hate something so cute.