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Missed out on the new Star Wars movie that all your friends are talking about? Missed out on a party last weekend that all your friends were at?

FOMO is real people-- and science suggests that it has negative affects on you and how you work on social media.

What is FOMO?

If you don't speak internet it's essentially: Fear of Missing Out. That anxiety you feel of not being in on the inside joke. Not knowing about an event you missed, or not being up to speed on your friends lives'.

What does science say about it?

Researchers from the United Kingdom’s University of Glasgow would suggest that the “pressure to be available 24/7 on social media” and the perceived necessity of “responding to posts or texts immediately can increase anxiety.”
So you fear not being there, you fear not being available 24/7, then you are more likely to have anxiety. Makes sense really.

How to avoid FOMO?

1. Try to catch up on friends and things during scheduled times of the day.
2. Ask for abbreviated versions of the stuff going on. AKA the TLDR version of it all.
3. Don't feel so pressured to know everything, understand everything, and be available 24/7. It's OK to now know everything.

How to get rid of FOMO on Vingle:

Well, let me catch you up to speed on Vingle-- Vingle is doing a Holiday Giveaway! And in the News Community we are giving away a News-Junkie Gift!
Here's an abbreviated version of what you do to win---
1. Join the News Community
2. Comment on all the things! The number of cards you comment on in a specific community, the more points you get.
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I hope this helps with your FOMO friends.

Can't say I have. Well not internet-wise. As a kid I couldn't get to sleep easily I thought I'd miss out on something. Haha. As an adult I can't get to sleep 'cause I usually have too much going on. And in general if I'm missing out on something, it's one less thing to fit in. Haha. :-)
I guess I was suffering from FOMO because I had absolutely no clue what FOMO was. Thanks for this card.
Hahaha that's a good perspective too @MissB82 like even though you may be missing out on something, there is at least one thing you aren't missing, and you can be fully into that. ahhhh ahahaha @CelinaGonzalez I know that feeling all to well when I was traveling in Germany. So much communication is online, it's frustrating when you can't talk to your friends!!
@nicolejb Me too <3 I feel bad if other people are left out
lol i loke being in the loop but not 24/7
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