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In this week's Couple of the Week, two of my favorite holiday claymation classics go head to head!
I'm getting in the holiday spirit by watching some of my favorite Christmas movies from when I was a kid. Two that are most definitely on the list: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.
Each is adorable, funny, and heart-wrenching in its own way, but more importantly (for our purposes, anyway) each has its own star couple.

Rudolph and Clarice

I mostly like these two because 1) Clarice doesn't laugh at Rudolph for his big, red honker, and 2) because of my favorite scene in the whole movie, where Rudolph goes, "I'M CUTE! I'M CUTE! SHE SAID I'M CUTE!" and flies for the first time because his heart is so full of lovey-dovey happiness. :) (scroll for the video. It's adorable.)
Clarice doesn't mind that Rudolph talks a little funny (when he's wearing his fake nose), nor does she think his glowing red nose is anything to be ashamed of.
I love how she embraces Rudolph's uniqueness, and how she's there for him no matter what!

Kris Kringle and Miss Jessica

aka Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town is just one of the greatest Christmas movies. With characters like Burgermeister Meisterburger and the Winter Warlock (who I just realized is the claymation precursor to Adventure Time's Ice King), there's no way not to love it.
But the guiding light throughout the whole thing is the utterly good, utterly selfless Kris Kringle, who wants all the children of Sombertown (get it?) to have toys to play with. And that, of course, is what captures the heart of free spirited schoolteacher Miss Jessica, who helps him overthrow the sadness regime (and then eventually marries him, and they get all chubby and cute and become Mr. and Mrs. Claus).
I love this couple because they unite under a common cause, and it brings them closer together. Go socially conscious Christmas couple!!

Who's YOUR Christmas couple of the week?

I can't choose all alone!!
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Reindeer for the win! They Re so cute and she loves his nose so that's awesome ^^