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Maybe you're a horror fan. Maybe you are used to playing through hours of tormenting horror, debating the frivolity of our existence as mere meat-bags in a more and more objectively horrifying existence.
Maybe you like cute stuff. Maybe you like kawaii little emojis and cutesy-tootsie little characters who light up on screen and make you feel happy things, in happy times.
If you fall into either camp, or maybe you want to branch out, well by golly there's a game for you now! Also, it's free!
Now, I will be up front and tell you that I am a giant baby-man. So I only played maybe 10 rooms in this game before I decided I shouldn't push my luck with the ~spoooooky stuff~.
That being said, the first 10 rooms (and sure much more beyond) are filled with super-adorable, if slightly alarming, jumpscares. Like that adorable little octopus guy up there! The environment is decidedly low-fi, and heavily reminiscent of games like Wolfenstein.
It's hauntingly lonely, as games like this are wont to be. You are alone in this huge house, with only scraps of paper here and there, carrying messages from people you'll never meet.
It does have a disarmingly cute allure to it...
But then, later, this. I don't know from personal experience, because I am a giant baby-man, but I have heard and seen in the various let's plays of this game that shit goes wonk-ier the further you go.
The cutesy facade drops, and the horror really starts setting in. The further you get in the house, the creepier and creepier it gets. The house warps and twists, the pop-up scares get ever more demented, and the music grows more suspenseful.
Not to mention... the deer.

Oh god... the deer.

It's just something you have to play to understand. I guess. I haven't, so I don't. But you should.
yeah, it was technically one of the first horror game I tried, I thought it was cute and sweet until I got to about floor 40. it's fun, free and a cool way to waist your time
the deer?
This game is so silly. I love it but it's long and you need patience. I do love horror games though