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I was tagged by @KatieRussell to share what I was most thankful for this year. I have this whole chain of events that kind of comes full circle... bear with me
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So the first thing I am thankful for is my mom. I lost my mom to breast cancer in October of 2014. She died just 6 months after my Grandmother (my mom's mom) unexpectedly passed away. Nobody knew my mom was sick, she hid it from everybody and never got treatment for it. She was my absolute best friend and we were literally inseparable. She was the person I was the most closest too and she was my biggest supporter and my rock. I've been really been struggling without her. But eventually KPop was introduced into my life and the music, the kdramas, the funny videos and the amazing people I have met through these groups.... they have all brought legitimate smiles back to my face. It was kind of a weird way KPop was introduced into my life and I think I want to share it :)
So my mom shared this video with me a few years ago. It's a local high school who did a 1 take lip sync to a mashup. I fell in love with this mashup and downloaded each of the individual songs that were used.
That's when I discovered "Glad You Came" by The Wanted.(It was one of the songs in the mash up) I became obsessed and started fangirling like crazy. It was because of The Wanted that I met @gabbylu13 on Twitter. We have been the best of friends ever since. It was kind of weird fangirling again at my age and all of my friends in real life made fun of me, but my mom... she sat and listened to me go on and on about this group because she knew I loved them.
Not even a year after I fell in love with The Wanted, they broke up. I was devastated. Again, my friends made fun of me, but my mom, she consoled me. I picked up on another group that was up and coming at that time, 5 Seconds of Summer and I became an obsessed fangirl again. I even made vine edits and all sorts of things for this band. (The video above is the very first song I ever heard by 5SOS, it's a very old video). Again my friends made fun of me but I was able to convince my best friend to go to Phoenix with me to see 5SOS open for One Direction. It was totally worth the 18 hour drive and by the end of the trip, my best friend admitted that she "kinda sorta" liked them. So when 5SOS announced their headlining tour and they had a stop in Las Vegas, my bff jumped at the chance to go with me. (We both love Vegas and go every chance we get).
So while we were in Vegas (July 2015), we stayed at The Luxor where the Jabbawockeez had their theater. My mom had introduced me to the Jabbawockeez several years earlier when they were on America's Best Dance Crew, being the dance mom that she was, she knew I would love them. Every time I was in Vegas I would always try to convince whomever I was with to go to their show with me, but nobody ever wanted to go... "It's just boring dance." But this time, I was able to convince my bff to go to a show and we ended up getting front row seats. My favorite Jabbawockee (Phi) actually sat in the chair next to me for a good 5 minutes and kept touching my arm and leg. I probably high 5'd each of them at least 10 times. The interaction in that show was UNREAL. We both walked away being obsessed. (The above video is a snip-it of the show that we saw)
So we come home from Vegas being obsessed Jabbawockeez fangirls and I'm happy because now she FINALLY understands what I have been going through the last 2 years with The Wanted and 5 Seconds of Summer. We find out though that one of the guys we thought was in the Jabbawockeez actually left and is now a part of the Kinjaz, who just recently came in 2nd place on the last season of America's Best Dance Crew. So I immediately look up The Kinjaz to see what they are about and found the above video and once again, I have something else to fangirl over. That's when @gabbylu13 and I met @Ligaya. The Kinjaz are so down to earth and sooooooo interactive with their fans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Periscope. I think the 3 of us have become pretty well known in the Kinjaz fandom and the majority of the Kinjaz now know us :)
I then decide to create a new Twitter to use as my personal Twitter as my other was just purely fangirl for 5SOS. But that ends up being a bust as I'm now using my "personal" Twitter to fangirl over The Jabbawockeez and The Kinjaz. I start following other fans and become friends with them. A few of them start RT'ing Kpop photos and I see them all over my timeline. I looked at a few and I was like "holy hell these guys are kinda hot" So I wrote down the names of the 2 that i thought were the hottest.... BTS and EXO. (also, if you want to add me to Twitter its staceyholley_ and my Instagram is staceyholley77)
So the VERY first Kpop song I ever heard was when I watched Growl by EXO on YouTube and my 1st thought was.... "what is this? This is kinda catchy but....I don't know if I really like it..."
(I now love this song and everything about EXO!!)
So then I tried a BTS video. The very second Kpop video I watched was DOPE and I was instantly hooked!! I bought the song that night and the next day at work I legit listened to that song on repeat for 8 hours straight. My first bias was Namjoon but since I have a MAJOR thing for dancers, I quickly moved onto Hoseok and Jimin. I eventually brought @Ligaya and @gabbylu13 into the KPop world with me. We have a group chat called INSFIRES lol
I think I've latched on to JHope because he is always so positive and happy and doing things to make people smile. It's what I need, I need positive in my life.He is literally everything I look for in a guy. He keeps me happy and when I start to feel sad and start to really miss my mom, I watch those "Funniest JHope Moments" videos on YouTube. People in my real life don't get it. But you guys do... That's why I am sooooooo thankful for you all. Even if we've never talked, you get it... you understand and I love you for that. I am so thankful for Kpop and the Kpop community I've discovered.
So now I encourage you each to make a card and let me know what you are thankful for. <3
If you DO make a card.... please tag me (and tag @KatieRussell). Like her, I am also excited to see what you'all are thankful for and what keeps you moving on <3
Tagging a few: Please let me know if you don't want to be tagged in future cards xoxo
Very nice card. Very sweet and personal. Keep on keepin on
Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us.. I'm glad kpopland got you through some tough times.. Glad I found a new friend too.. I'll definitely have to do a card!
Awww 😭 I love you ❤️
This was an amazing story!! Thanks for sharing. Your mom sounds like she was an incredible person.
this an awesome card. sorry about your loss. You are just the sweetest. I feel you on the wanted I was devastated too.
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