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Anime is one of the greatest things that has happened to me because it allows me to be forget my problems and live vicariously through my favorite characters! It is in fact a reprieve from my life and has taught me many life lessons. (X Why do you watch and love anime?
this is so true. anime has made me happy at times when there wasn't a whole lot of happiness in my life.
I love anime Becuz it's got me through a lot of tough times, it has deep meanings, beautiful quotes and artwork, and amazing plots.
I realized the other day that the joy and values depicted in many anime allow me to reconnect with those and with myself if I ever lose sight if that again. I have OCD, which cab cause me to ger caught up in 'loops' about ideas that I can't shake. its exhaustive and can be terrifying. I've figured all of that out, but anime is a tangible place I can keep my laughter, joy, teamwork, friendship, and good values, so that if I ever do get caught again, I can reconnect with those things through anime. that means more to me than I can say. there are also certain characters and quotes that perfectly exemplify me, and that can motivate me to do my best on things. The animation and music can also be fantastic (Noragami and Fairy Tail, respectively)
same here
anime is infinite. reality is going to end