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馃槶 I can't help but cry because of all the emotion that fairy tail gives me one minute I'm angry one minute I'm sad on minute I'm as happy as Happy (sorry I couldn't help myself)馃槣 but as good as fairy tail is I couldn't help but be confused during the early stages of the Oracion Seis Arc that is until episode 58 where Jellal comes in as soon as you see him you feel hatred but then in episode 59 you can't help but love him because of his memory loss (btw I just finished episode 59 no spoilers please). Arigato for looking at my first card. Sayonara for now. Sorry if I spelt the Japanese wrong don't hate馃槆馃檹馃徏. Btw who are your fairy tail 'ships let me know in the comments 馃憤馃徎
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The Feels are so real.
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man if you think the feels are bad now, just wait.
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the latest episode made me feel some emotions
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Pleased to have you on board, @chisom756! I'm so with you with the emotional roller coaster! My fav ships: NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza, GaLe, then Bixanna, EverElf, and MiraLaxus, oh, and WendyxRomeo!
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I cry so easily whenever they play their sad music or if I listen to the Tokyo ghoul theme song 馃槩
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