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CHRISTMAS IS ONLY 4 DAYS AWAY, and not going to lie I still have Christmas shopping (oops).
Speaking of presents, we all know those people; the one we got for secret santa and don't real know, or the family member that "doesnt want anything" that make christmas shopping a nightmare. They are impossible to buy for and totally ruin Christmas because you are just stressed as all hell over what to get them.
But as always, I am here for you! Here are 3 fool proof presents that anyone will enjoy (trust me).


Most people will be over the moon to just get some drank for the holidays. Beer, wine or their favorite liquor makes the perfect present for the person who loves to indulge just a little. Obviously make sure they drink before you buy this and put in just the tiniest bit of effort to figure out their drink of choice and you'll be all set!

Gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Again, with just a bit of asking around you can so easily get them the best gift ever. Because really, what is better than free food? Thats right...nothing. So buy a nice gift card for 2 to their favorite eatery and who knows, maybe you'll be the one they invite! Either way, it'll be a hit.

Straight up cash with a thoughtful card.

I don't know about all of you but my favorite gift of all is cash. And while presents are awesome, cash is even better. That person knows what they want the best so just give them the money for it and accept the appreciation for a totally awesome gift. But if you are thinking cash, the thoughtfulness comes from the card so make sure you write something nice or else the effort wont be there.
And always remember its the thought (and effort) that counts!
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@lizarnone. I'm not impossible to buy for :))
@LizArnone the holiday musical episode is my all time favorite #6seasonsandamovie lol
@nobankai omg me tooooo lmfao sometimes I genuinely cry from laughing