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I was asked to participate in this cool makeup challenge by @BeannachtOraibh.
This is me this passed summer without makeup when I dyed my hair this awesome color. I promise this is no foundation of any sorts. I do have lip balm on and I think some shimmer on my lids. But this is a bare face to me!
I love makeup and skin care! It's my new addiction besides kpop. I'm always buying new beauty products. I have high end products and cheaper products....I don't discriminate! If it looks good I'm getting it!

Favorite Winter 2015 makeup Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss This was super cheap when I bought it from Macy's. I'm a lipgloss addict. I love most of all the colors, but I wear gilded, metallic rose, and weekend barbie the most. MAC Fix Studio Powder I'm so happy that MAC has powder for darker skin tones. This pressed powder goes a long way with great coverage for just $25! LA Girl Pro Conceal This concealer is the TRUTH! It's cheap, feel great, covers great, and comes in a variety of colors. I paid $1.99 for mine. You can buy it online, but they are sold at local beauty stores. NYX Butter Lip gloss...Creme Brulee I discovered this product from Instagram and bought it from ULTA. I fell in love. This products is not sticy, feels great, comes in cute colors, and is cheap. I think mine was under $5. You can buy this at Target too. Urban Decay Smokey Eye Pallette This is my everyday pallette. For me I can do dramatic eye looks and even natural eye looks. It wasn't cheap... $50 after taxes, but worth it! MAC Viva Glam Lipstick VI I love this lipstick. I'm not a lipstick girl, but this product pulled me in. It looks great! I use it when I want a nude like lip. L'OREAL Manga and Manga Punk These are cheap products you can find anywhere and they do the job well!
This is my everyday look. Not too much, but enough!

Face Care

I usually make my own face care items. My favorite home made facial scrub is called "Cleopatra" I made up the name. It's a honey and sugar scrub. I have a card with more details about it. I also use Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask and Banana Oat Instant Smoothing Mask. These are great for all skin types. FYI I have sensitive skin, but it's normal for the most part. I use Silk Elements pure Avacado oil for a moisturizer. You can buy this exact brand from Sallys. I use also Neutrogena hydrating makeup wipes. They cane be a bit too much price wise, but since I have sensitive I don't hold back with money too much when I find a product that works.

Hair Care

When I have money I use Mixed-up. This stuff is great but expensive. When I'm broke lol I use L'OREAL Ever Curl shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner.

You can get all products from your local stores. If you want a detailed card on how to care for natural wavy or curly hair let me know.

Well that's it everyone! Tag a friend. If you have any questions I would to attempt to answer them. I'm not a makeup expert by any means!

@amobigbang yup yup! Probably will make a card about it. I see a couple of products on a few Vingle cards that I want to try.
@LAVONYORK thanks chica. Let me know how using some of the products goes.
Girl you know how to beat a face!!!!!! Love all those products you mentioned. Have you ever used any of the Mac prep and prime products? They are awesome.
I have the Miss Manga mascara and I loved it so much
@shannonl5 exactly that's why I love em'. Thanks
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