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A photo depicting a carefree Jolie will be part of The Wild Side of Photography sale at London auction house Christie's next month. The picture, fittingly titled "Horseplay," is an outtake from a 2001 David LaChapelle shoot for Rolling Stone. In the stunning shot, Angelina can be seen tossing her head back as she poses with a horse that’s nuzzling her, and not much else. In the photograph, Jolie's "Billy Bob" tattoo (referencing her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton) is clearly visible. Christie's estimates the photograph could sell for close to $53,000. cr:yomg
maybe having kids does change people! Seems right about so with Nicole Richie and Snooki!
but well, look how she turned out now.. it all comes down to growing up and making adult choices
well, people do forget that she was as wild as one can be! remember those blood on containers that he and Billy bob Thorton were wearing before?
I sometimes forget how wild Angelina was before settling down