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I stare at the door for a long 5 minutes then decided to open the door. to my surprise jimin was standing there blushing but panting being very sweaty. god he's so hot when he's sweaty I was thinking, hey I'm I'm sorry about the reporters and stuff like that he says, I actually thought you looked so cute in that. he blushes and chuckles a little. In my head my only thought was jimin your so cute! kiss me handsome! he looks up at me so um to make up for it wanna um....start living with bts? sorry it's short Im doing a lot of things at once @taehyungkey and @nnatalieg
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@DestinaByrd ^^ Don't let ur step father get u down noona
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@nnatalieg I won't ever
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@nnatalieg just missing hyung he hasn't been on all day
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awe so cute....
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