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I was tagged by @KatieRussel to make a card on the groups that I'm thankful for. I have 3 groups that really helped me out this year so I thought why not make this card..
Here we gooooo

1. EXO (Zhang Yixing tooo)

So I got Into kpop sometime around the time promotions for Call Me Baby were going on. I was minding my own business on Tumblr when on of the people I followed kept rebloging kpop stuff & I kept seeing EXO everywhere so I got curious & clicked a link that was attached to the post & it took me to the comeback stage of Call Me Baby & at first I was like ehh okay but then I got into it I was like YAA! & then I saw Zhang Yixing with his black hair & I swear to god I've never screamed that loud in my life (Except maybe for Seventeen). Then I saw EXO showtime (I think thats what Its called)
I fell for those 12 guys individually & as a whole. I was so sad when Tao left like I could only imagine how EXO-Ls that had been in the fandom longer than me felt
But then I found out about Zhang Yixing being in Go Fighting & I fell so much more in love with him like I saw how caring he was towards every single person.
But at that time I was really going thru some stuff & I was depressed & they helped to distract me for a while & I really welcomed that distraction since my other distraction was to read but it wasn't really keeping me occupied anymore. (SOORRY I HAD TO ADDD THOSE GIVES OF LAY IN GO FIGHTING ITS SO CUTTEE)

2. BTS

I found BTS when I was looking up other videos of EXO. Like at first I was like eh I don't know about this but I ended up clicking the video it was Boys In Luv & omfg from the first second I was captivated! I was in class tho so I tried so hard not to scream. But after that video I found so many others I think I started watching BTSbombs a week later & I learned their names pretty quick too. But BTS helped me let go of some of my shyness. I don't know how or when it happened but I was able to do things I was so nervous to do before. Maybe because I thought about them a lot I fotgot to get nervous?? lol


My friend told me to go listen to this new group that had just debuted & I was like okay why not but then she told me they were all so young so I was a bit hesitant but I listened to Adore U anyways. I TRIED SO HARD TO NOT LIKE THEM SOO HARD! but It didn't work. When Mansae came out I was slayed & forever A Monteen or whatever the hell they decide to call their fandom lol. Then I started to watch Project17 & I found myself in an emotional roller coaster. Whenever they were happy I was happy, when they cried I cried 10x worse.
Oh gawd this group I swear they just made my standards on guys go wayy up, Not just on looks. They are so respectful for a group of young guys like them & the way they care about their families just warmed my heart. But I love watching them(predebute or not) whenever I feel down or I'm having a hard day. They just help brighten my day,
(Btw that second gif is the first I've ever done im kinda proud lol)
What groups are you thankful for??
Even though Exo was the first group I ever liked , I still love them but BTS brought me to like a whole nother level. These boys became my like sunshine , my laughs , I seriously love them so much it hurts LOL
I think BTS was the group whose names I learned the fastest and also matching names to faces! Videos are always tough for me in the beginning because there's not as much time to identify them
bts is pretty amazing huh. I find myself playing there mv's over and over again plus they have V he is so amazingly weird I love him. love your card ^-^ im so glad that kpop has helped you
@KatieRussell thank you & I'm also glad that they helped me out. I'm so glad I fell into kpop ^^