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You probably know that Kim Tae Hee, the star of "Iris" and "Jang Ok Jung," has been described as one of of the most beautiful women in not only Korea, but the world. But there are other things you may not know about her. Here are a few fun facts: 1. Kim Tae Hee is not just beautiful. She's smart. She was a good student, having scored a grade of 100 for three subjects in middle school. In 2005, she graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in fashion design. Still, she doubted her ability to succeed in that field. "I've always loved drawing and being creative," she said. "While there I enjoyed it very much, but I honestly didn't think I had enough natural talent to pursue a professional career in fashion design." 2. She's also very shy, and as a result did not think she would be successful as an actress. "I've never thought I could act in front of people because I'm so shy and reserved," said Kim. She started out doing commercials and gained more confidence. As she began to see how creative acting was, she wanted to learn more about it. "Even though I never dreamt of ever becoming an actress," she said. "In retrospect I think my childhood dream to be creative has ended up coming true." 3. The hardest thing she ever did as an actress was walking around with a gun in her hand. Although she was a fan of the American television show, "24," and looked forward to her role as NSS agent Choi Seung Hee in "Iris," the idea of holding a gun and the sound of gunfire her scared her. The role also demanded a lot of physical activity that left her bruised and aching at night. 4. Although she is currently playing the part of Jang Ok Jung on the drama "Jang Ok Jung," she is not a fan of historical dramas and had never watched an entire saeguk before taking this part. However, reading the script for Jang Ok Jung convinced her she could do it. It's her first drama since "My Princess," which aired two years ago. 5. Although rumors have romantically linked her with several leading men, including her "My Princess" co-star Song Seung Hoon, Kim has described herself as pretty conservative when it comes to dating and marriage. Earlier this year it was announced that she was seeing Bi Rain and it caused something of a scandal when he took leave of his military service to spend time with her. At a press conference for Jang Ok Jung, she was asked how the relationship was going and said, "Nothing has changed as we are just getting to know each other."
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I think you cannot act if you're not smart regardless of school achievement.