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1. Selfie This is me! Im Stephanie, 24 years old! I'm from Oklahoma but will be moving to Texas this summer Kpop and kdrama took over my life about a year ago and honestly I'm so much happier then what I was!
2. Dream crush They are all my dream crush! Like I really can't choose who I like more, and there is really more to that list!
3. Current status I am single, and honestly I really don't want to date at the moment. I'm still working on myself, and getting my life together. Also all I really do is work, take care of my son and work some more, I really don't have time to date. But after seeing all these failed, cheating, abusive relationship that have gone on around where I am from I don't want any part of it. Also think I'm single cause I am completely weird!! I never stay with one style, always changing it, I do weird faces and things in public, and I act the same age as my four year old most of the time with him and when I am not with him. Pretty sure people find me annoying lol
4. Most romantic memory or story. Umm I can't really think of one, I mean the guy I almost married(over 3years ago) never really did anything romantic....or it was but turned out to be all a it's ruined......yeah I have had really bad choices in guys....gotta work on that
5. What do I look for in a partner Someone who can be goofy with me, make me laugh, or feel pretty all the time. Is very protective over me. Someone you can handle my smarta**ness. Be sassy with me, someone who will be lazy with me at times but can get up and do something fun and exciting on others, and yes has good father treats. But I will say I'm doing both the mother and father job pretty well so it will be hard for me to let that person take that role, so they have to be patient with me on things like that and understand that I have been let down in that area and don't trust someone else to fully step up, (not saying it won't happen one day, but right now that's how I feel)