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There might genuinely be nothing that makes me happier than receiving a love letter.

Is there anything that makes you smile wider than a long, detailed letter about all the things that make you great? Love letters are an awesome surprise. And they're not just for significant others! You can write one for your mom, your best friend, or someone in your life who seems like they could use a pick me up. And trust me, whatever love you pour into the words you write will be returned to you many times over, because people are always incredibly touched to receive love letters :)
When you want to make someone's day in the best way possible, here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Start by laying out the reason you're writing to them.

Rather than jumping wildly aboard the FEELS TRAIN and chugging full speed ahead into LOVE JUNCTION, start your letter with a little introduction.
Dear Mom,
I've been missing you and thinking of you a lot lately, and so I wanted to write you a little note to tell you how much I love you.

2. Organize your thoughts ahead of time.

My letters are always better when I take the time to make an outline of the points I want to touch on, or even pre-write them on the computer and then copy them down by hand (in my neatest, prettiest handwriting, of course).
Consider jotting down a few ideas ahead of time, so that you don't get stuck in the middle of your letter. :)
How thoughtful she is
How I felt when I received her surprise care package
Lessons I learned from her growing up
How grateful I am for the support she's given me

3. Say things in your own unique way.

When you write a love letter, it's so easy to fall back on tired old phrases you know from books and movies. Forget the clichés! Opt for the charm (even if your writing is a tad awkward) of saying things in your own weird words.
Bad Example:
I can't live without you. You are a flame and I am a mere helpless moth, fluttering in the winds of love, drawn irresistibly towards you.
Good Example:
I'm so lucky to be with a guy like you, who's so sweet and curious and always down to talk about the big questions in life. I know you always say I should sleep more when you have to wake up early, but dragging myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7 am is worth it just to hold you while you prepare your breakfast, and give you lots of kisses before you head off to work.

4. Think about the past, present, and future.

One really good way to think up things to include in a love letter is to organize your thoughts temporally. Think about the past – the day you met, memories you've shared, how it felt to fall in love with them. The present – how they make your life better, why you appreciate them, how they inspire you. And finally, the future – what plans do you have together? What are you excited to do with them? Looking ahead shows you hope the relationship will last a long time.

5. Presentation is always important.

Use some nice stationery or a pretty card (paper stores are surprisingly fun to browse!), and use a black pen rather than a pencil and some crumpled loose leaf torn out of your Calculus notebook. You might consider giving it a tiny spritz of your favorite fragrance, like they did in the old days. ;) And make sure to include the date you're writing!
Basically, treat the letter like something that deserves to be saved and treasured for years to come. You never know – it probably will be!
Good luck writing your love letters, everyone! Remember, any occasion is a good one to tell the people in your life you love them – even no occasion at all!
Don't be shy – even those who aren't naturally gifted writers can produce amazing love letters. The key is to be honest, include details, and make them feel special and loved.
Doodles are perfect @nicolejb. I always love those sweet little additions to cards and letters :) every time my grandma sends me a card, she doodles her and my grandpa in some silly situation! 😂
I think writing letters is one of my love languages, because I'm consistently writing to people to tell them how I feel about them (even friends). And yes!! presentation is also important. Sometimes I like to try doodling little things here and there too to add a little imagery ;)
That is actually precious @AlloBaber !! I save all my letters from people in a cigar box (because I'm weird like that). and I have so many doodle notes from middle school/high school. I was so silly