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Well, this is it... We are here on earth, to do something wonderful, Cherish these moments, God has literally given you a day, when you get up in the morning. Sunshine, forests, beauty, landscapes is all nature. We need to enjoy this, look up from your gadgets, check your surroundings, Ask the question, Why am I here? Who am.I? What am I doing on this earth? How many lives did I touch today? Did I make a difference? I ask myself these questions..every day It's like reflecting What i have learnt till today.
Another question: Who will cry if I die today? Have i touched someone's life, by which they will feel compelled to cry, miss me, when I go? These questions make me take initiative, follow my dreams, and make me do things when I am scared or afraid. Hope this will do the same for you.
This community L&R has given me so much to think about, I thank all it's members. This is what is being together, I don't know you guys personally, but being a part of this is the most amazing thing. It's like having a huge family around the world. Thank you guys! @AlloBaber @nicolejb @ButterflyBlu and @all members. P.s. Sorry I kinda know only these handles specifically. Guys tagged above, please help me to tag all the members of the community. ;)
Thanks again for the tag:) you are always a part of the L&R community and the poetry community would also really love this too!
Thank you @nicolejb for your kind words and support. Making friends, meeting people like you here, is quite awesome, and it kinda gives a good feeling.