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To get me in the mood, I listened to this song lol When the lovely and charming @jordanhamilton creates a challenge, you bet I'm going to do it! Santa was not really a big part of my childhood, just like the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy and La Llorona weren't.
This is a conversation my friend and I had last week. I don't like receiving gifts, and it shows. Ever since I was a child, my whole family never knew what to get me for Christmas or my birthday, I don't ask for anything and I don't want for anything. If I want something, I'll buy it, simply because, I have expensive tastes. And in all honesty, I'd be extremely happy with gas cards lol I spend $60-$80 on gas a week haha That's a decent sized chunk out of my paycheck!
I'll probably get this for myself next Christmas after saving all year, but I've been eyeing this for about two years now, and I miss riding so much it literally physically hurts haha =( It's one of my two dream bikes <3 You'll notice, my "dream" vehicles are completely affordable: CBR 600RR, 899 Panigale, 350z Nismo (or roadster), BMW M4, F-type R. All under $100k lol
Some Yuno merchandise, because she's the love of my life. So sugoi. <3
I need a new tower. I'm running a 2002 HP Pavilion Desktop lol But, I know nothing about this stuff lol =(
And these lol I think that's about it Hahaha
I used to love Cheetos! And asteroid form definitely seems cooler automatically, haha I hope you get three :)
Hot cheetos taste the best in asteroid form lol I haven't seen them since I was in elementary school, and then I found out that they sell them at a store close to my house! I need to find the time to go and buy a few cases worth lol
Yayyy! Thanks for participating & I love the fact that you added Cheetos to the list. Great choice!