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which G-DRAGON hair color is your fave?
no doubt, gd looks great in all hair colors and styles, out of all these which one do you think fits him best
1. turquoise(ish)
2. pink, blue and green (lets call it rainbow lol)
3. good ol' black
4. blonde
5. red
6. brown
7. pink

there are a dozen more but i cant put them all in here!

which one is the best??
mine is rainbow! my second is red, OMIGOSH HUDHCHRHDHSJSG he looks really hot in these 2!
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@KwonOfAKind lol i know right its sorta impossible !
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so hard to choose! I'm not crazy about pink, but he makes it look good.....but I'd have to go with red! 馃槏
2 years agoReply
good ol' black
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I like all of them but black and red and then rainboe
2 years agoReply
red ,black
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