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Summer wars- amazing film about how a family truly can become one and get close even after a major loss. Paprika- film about scifi technology to view into dreams becoming reality. Super wild and the music is crazy!! Spirited Away- Hayao Miyazaki's academy award winning film about almost being spirited away! Need I say more? Haha Perfect Blue- a girl who becomes so obsessed and into her acting career she starts to lose site of reality. All are amazing fils to add to your list and watch NAKAMA!!
@LuffyNewman spirited away and summer wars!!! so many feels.. I tear up everytime!! Classics
I luv summer wars tht was TH best well one of th best anime movies beside the naruto movies there is I have seen among others but I really like that about it is I think like the first Internet action thing that connects with 3ds hand console nd computer action ever
Agreed @LuffyNewman these got me hooked since
@tbell2 awesome my first was the amazing film My Neighbor Totoro, still One of my all time favorites. Came out in 88 obvi I wasn't around then but saw it when I was like 4-5 n been into anime stuff ever since!! @tbell2
@LuffyNewman yessss princess mononoke is a classic but the first ghibli film I ever watched was kikis delivery service
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