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According to a new study, reading Harry Potter not only makes you feel good, but makes you a better person across the board.
A new paper in the Journal of Applied Psychology “claims reading the ‘Harry Potter’ series significantly improved young peoples’ perception of stigmatized groups like immigrants, homosexuals or refugees.”
The study essentially found that young people who had an emotional attachment with the character of Harry Potter were less likely to be prejudiced against minority groups.
For example, lets use the word "mudblood." Whenever the term Mudblood is used in the book, the main characters often show great disdain for those employing the term. This could teach children that using hate words is very wrong.
Via the Pacific Standard notes:
"Bigotry, the researchers note, is a continuing theme in the series of phenomenally popular young-adult novels.
Voldemort, who represents pure evil, makes arguments that have ‘rather obvious’ parallels with Nazism, they write, noting that he believes all power should reside in ‘pure-blood’ witches and wizards, as opposed to those born of one magical parent and one non-magical ‘Muggle.’
In addition, Harry and his friends interact with various sub-human species such as elves and goblins, who regularly complain about being forced into subservient roles, not unlike blacks in apartheid South Africa.
Harry ‘tries to understand them and appreciate their difficulties,’ the researchers write."

So read as much Harry Potter as possibly everyone. According to this study, it will help you gain a new positive outlook on life.

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Ahhh Im glad I was a Harry Potter kid growing up!