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Because you needed new emojis...

It's here! Kim Kardashian West has officially released her own emoji line. It's safe to say that Kim can truly brand herself better than anyone else. With a new line of emojis selling for $1.99 in the Apple App Store, fans can get an array of emojis tailored to Kim's most iconic moments and styles. It's so narcissistic yet genius that it's already the top app in multiple countries. Kim doesn't even need a huge marketing budget to promote her new app since she has millions of followers online who can watch her promotions.
The app was so popular today that the Apple store completely crashed. Fans downloaded the app to a reportedly high of 9,000 downloads per millisecond. This isn't Kim's first huge success as she saw similar rates when she released Kim Kardashian Hollywood, a game where fans can basically live in her social circle growing in fame and celebrity while going on the vacations and appearances with her. No one can doubt that Kim has officially taken over the tech world, especially now with "Kimoji".
Lastly, "Kimoji" is not the emoji keyboard that fans immediately think of when they hit download. "Kimoji" and Emoji are completely separate entities ; emojis are installed into our apple keyboards as an equivalent to a character. "Kimojis" on the other hand are larger versions of emojis and are more like sending a picture, gif, or icon. Regardless, it's still not going to deter fans from downloading.

Here's an example of how Kim Kardashian West is promoting her product through conversations with her friends and family. Please take note of how Kimojis look different in iMessage.

Here are sample images as well as the keyboard layout.

Will you be downloading "Kimoji"?

Honestly speaking, I doubt that there's an emoji of Kim's that I'd ever need to use, so I'll keep my $1.99 to myself.
No never in my life I would download that
Imma pass on this 1.
Best $1.99 I've ever spent!
It's not available in the playstore yet!馃槳
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