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Thought I'd share this because I laugh every time! My phone knows I ship Nyongtory more than anything so it automatically added it to the dictionary and even sadder it capitalizes GD since I talk about him so much
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@LenaBlackRose GD and Seungri
2 years ago·Reply
@Jiyongixoxo ohhhhb I've been trying to figure it out for awhile. thank you
2 years ago·Reply
@jiyongixoxo that is so funny mine does the exact same thing it pre fills Nyongtory and Taeyang
2 years ago·Reply
@lilbr0wneyes 😂😂 mine does Taeyang sometimes but the most common ones are Nyongtory , Donghyuk, GD , and Chanyeol my phone is a fangirl
2 years ago·Reply
@jiyongixoxo that is awesome
2 years ago·Reply