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Did you us watch BTS on ASC? It was amazing and fun to watch considering it was my first time ever watching ASC. πŸ˜† I honestly would love to participate in the hangout but unfortunately there's 2 problems.. - I'm shy as heck when on camera being viewed by tons of people and I'm also awkward as heck, especially if I'm going to be around BTS for the first time 😭
I took too many photos of this.. It was just so funny and Jungkook talking about how he'll be a legal adult next year because he's always going to be a fetus in our eyes XD
I just wanted to make a card because I really enjoyed watching them today and I hope they post more stuff like this in the future ^o^ Bye A.R.M.Y'S and have a good night sleep 😁✌🏻️
The jimins together haha
It was my first time watching too!!! I was trying to do my homework but couldn't concentrate!!