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I love to read manga and have all the current Fairy Tail and One Punch Man, Terra Formers volumes and the complete FMA, melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya mangas. Along with the rest I'm hoping to get for Xmas to be up to date with all my current manga!!
Just got volumes 40-45 of bleach for Xmas and am getting my drafting table to do my manga artwork next week!! NAKAMA we will keep anime/manga forever alive always!! @koifries @MichaelPeltier @DestinyGregory @StephanieBecerr @xDaisyDaysx @KathyGarcia @iixel @TylerDurso @Thatperson512 @TylerDurso @Anmielover101 @SarahSutcliff @MorghanPorter @HenryDiaz Anime is life!!
Haha@MorghanPorter @Anmielover101 @HenryDiaz @TylerDurso @SarahSutcliff if I lived close enough I'd share it with all of you!! I love manga and talking about it with my NAKAMA!! I'll Post pics after Xmas and my bday which is soon to show I might need a new shelf tho lol.
hmmmm can I borrow your fairy tail manga. my library like to skip.
@Thatperson512 get a box or crate for now that's what my friend does for his comics
@LuffyNewman lucky @StephanieBecerr same with me they think I don't like to read
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