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BTS on After School Club was the best present ever!!!
Ok so I only remembered half way through that I had the screenshot function on my phone so I am sorry I didnt catch it all... Anyways I still go a crap ton of them so this will be a 5 part collection...
Boys and food... Though am I the only one to notice that the majority of that pizza went into Taehyung's belly???
Here a piece a pizza, there a piece of pizza, everywhere a piece of pizza right into Taetae's belly...
Omg he is getting ANOTHER piece!!! DO they not feed these boys???
And now for tagging my usual peeps...
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tiny pizza.. lol I love this so much but there is too many shows to watch right now! so I missed this watching b.a.p new song lol gotta watch this
@SugaOnTop Suga is wrecking my bias list... Nabi get him in check woman!!! He is stealing parts of my heart from Tae!!!
@Ticasensei Omg so worth it... These boys... Omg just omg...
I'm eventually going to lose it because of these kids
@Zephoria Me too, me too...