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I now have way too many screenshots of these dorks not like I didn't already looking for pt.2 or pt.3?? <<click!!
They started off the show with the mcs, running ridiculously to Christmas carols to introduce BTS's latest title song RUN and as they were introduced they danced the chorus (1-6) and did their really cool butterfly pose (7) V's hat fell during the dance covering his beautiful face (4-6) and Jungkook being a dork kept on flapping his butterfly wing till after everyone left (8)
They were then asked what their favorite songs were; Jin- Dead Leaves (1-2) Jimin- Intro (3-4) Suga, with his amazing voice, sang short lines from each (6)
There was then a hangout session and she asked who was the first member yo get tired during the filming of RUN. The members unanimously point at.... Suga ofc calling him Grandfather (1) and he's surprised... somehow he didn't know (2-3) She then asked Jin to sing butterfly *squeals* (4-10)
They were then asked what they wanted from Santa Claus this Christmas!! Jimin- snow!!! ❄⛄ because he didn't get a lot of snow as a child in Busan (1) Suga- (in his dialect) for Santa to be healthy ^^such a friken cutie so sweet like his name Then they had to do requests and the first one was to dance their choreo slowed down/sped up They all did the I NEED YOU choreo extreeemmmeelllyyyy ssslllooooooowwwwllyyyyy (3-5) then they did the DOPE choreo sogoddamfastitwasunbelievable but JIMIN just kinda stood there and watched (6-7) and he was forced to do it alone (8-10)
They then did some WACK fanchants oh gosh they can never be their own fans continue shining bright like diamonds boys (1-10)
they then got PIZZAAAA look at these happy boys (1-6)
And since I'm out of space for photos on this card click for pt.2 or pt.3 If you guys wanna watch the whole thing click below!!
I always love when they do shows and such. just the way they carry themselves and how respectful and polite. Compared to some of the US artists, it astounds me sometimes
@SarahVanDorn AND MY HEART
me too they killed my phone lol
@CrystalGuerra I know right? like I feel like more American artists (not all) feel the need to flaunt their money and their success but in the kpop industry they're more humble. I mean it may be due to culture which is probably a huge part but still. it's nice to see
@tayunnie lol yes!!!!!!
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