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They had a challenge to dance the sped up version of Dope and V's hat kept falling over his face XD
When they played the sped up Dope the first time, Jimin couldn't follow along XD So the next time he had to dance it by himself
Jungkook was being a dork XD
J-hope for praised for his mix tape (AAAAAAAYYYYE! I celebrated too loudly) and said thank you in a super high pitched voice. Then continued to be his dorky self XD.
V was busy eating his pizza untill he got a request from a fan to do his handshake with Jungkook lol he so coot
BTS questions, thinking for the fans Post your personal answers in the comments below :) My Answers: 1. Black 2. Pastaaaa~ (Hetalia) 3. All Black 4. MAMA 5. I NEED U <3 6. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jezuz yes! 8. Concept Trailer Cuz RapMon and Jimin ripping off their clothes are my life
Love these dorks
Sugas fierce pose
Jungkooks been hanging around J-hope and V for too long XD
JK x BTS's 'MICROPHONES' XD he says "Wow" in cute English
The only Christmas card I need (U)....
ANNYEONG SugaKooks :D Happy Holidays @Emealia @thedopeshow1994 @justcallmekyki @tayunnie @CreeTheOtaku
what dorks 😝😝
I'm so sad I missed it, I fell asleep 😩
Jungkook has seriously been around Tae and J-hoe for too long XD @Emealia
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