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Hey guys! I've gotten tagged by a couple of you and this is an awesome way to get to know what we all appreciate about our groups and feel thankful for so here I go!!

1. BTS

They are my first love when it comes to kpop. First I'm thankful for BTS because when I first saw their video Dope I fell so in love with them instantly. After that I just had to know everything about all of them and literally binge watched every video I could get my hands on. What I loved most is seeing how they are onstage, offstage, with their fans and with each other I fell in so deep and I will never stop!! BTS FIGHTING! Getting to see their personalities was probably the best thing ever because they are such dorks!! The fact that they can be who they are anywhere at anytime is the best especially in the Bangtan bombs. American Hustle Life too ah those are some of my favorites to watch and seeing them on variety shows.

2. GOT7

This was my second kpop group that I discovered. I get so excited every time they make appearances in ASC, Weekly Idol and all of these variety shows because I get to see how they are. Those girl group dances are one of my favorites to see and the random play. Their personalities and ways that they demonstrate that they are more than just guys grouped to together and like a family is what I love the most. Real Got7 is what I watch when I want to be cheered up and their dance practices make me laugh so hard, these awesome guys who literally make my day instantly better.

3. EXO

Lastly I am thankful for EXO! I would always see their videos as a recommendation on the side of my dash so when Call Me Baby made a frequent appearance I though why not check these guys out? WELL it's been heavenly getting to know you boys, if I do say so myself!! That was one of the best things I have ever done in my life! Watching EXO Showtime and seeing them on shows and now the North American Tour?! Oh my gosh yes please I must go see them or I will cry under a rock. I was so terribly sad when I learned that Luhan, Kris and Tao left the group but if their decision leads them to become happier in their careers I can respect that decision. I will forever support them!
OMG YES , I love watching BTS on variety and reality shows , I crack up every time seeing their silliness . They need to do another one like Rookie King LOL
im thankful for big bang cause there my first kpop group and im thankful for vingle cause i wouldnt have found bts without you guys and big bang is another reason why i got on vingle
Of course! I love these guys so much I mean I do have others but these are my babies, they started it all❤️ I do have the V app and it's such a blessing for international fans! We get to see them live😆 I just wish I could go to Korea so I can experience some events they have for fans😭😭@torchix @SunnaWalo
same three for me... although super junior was my first group but Bts was like hello were here for that number one spot. I gladly handed it over to them. lol
What have we here? Almost all my fave groups? Yes!
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