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Thank you to everyone who tagged me in this challenge... and I mean EVERYONE!!!!

1. Selfie

I hate taking selfies and rarely ever do it. This first picture is from the BIGBANG concert back in October. It was the best night of my life and worth a selfie. Weird side note: I've had my nose broken three times. It's normally not noticeable, but I think it's very evident that my nose is crooked and uneven in this picture.

2. My Dream Crush

G-Dragon. As some of you may know, I am GD trash. He's my ultimate bias. Though I may have other dream crushes, he tops the list. Why? Just look at him! But it's not just his incredibly good looks. It's his heart, his smile, his fantastic stage presence yet shy personality. It's his creative mind and extraordinary musical gifts. I find talent to be attractive and he has talent in spades. He has a lot of admirable qualities and all of them add up to the reasons why he's my dream crush.

3. Current Status

I am recently single and completely happy to be so. Last Christmas, my boyfriend of two years dumped me via text while I was at work. When I got home that night, he'd completely moved out of the apartment we shared. It was devastating and pretty much ruined my holidays. In April, I started dating a great guy. Over the summer he started his own business and unfortunately wasn't able to figure out how to juggle work and a relationship. I ended the relationship three weeks ago because he just didn't have time in his life for me. We hadn't seen each other in the two months prior to the break up, during which time I had been laid up with a bad work-related injury. Though he's a great guy, I realized I deserved more out of a relationship and a partner.
I want to be single for a while. I'm going to take my time enjoying the single life and just being me. I'm just done with guys for a while... unless they are Korean and happen to be Kwon Jiyong.

4. Most Romantic Memory

Sadly, despite several long-term relationships, I cannot think of a romantic memory to share. No guy has ever even given me flowers. The only time I've ever received flowers was from my parents at my high school graduation. I consider myself a hopeless romantic so the lack of romantic gestures is actually a little depressing. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. And now, with Kpop idols being amazing as they are, the odds are not in my favor. Yep, yep, this girl is going to be single for a long time.

5. What Do I Look For In A Partner?

That's a great question! Passion and drive are important. I want them to have dreams, plans and goals and not be too lazy to go after them. Stability; mental, emotional and finacial... is that too much to ask? Probably. A sense of humor/the ability to make me laugh is a must. They have to be supportive.. I have my own dreams, plans and goals and I want someone who will support me in my endeavors, just as I will support them in theirs.
Tagging everyone. I know a lot of you have already been spammed with this challenge. Sorry.
Ah, i hate it when youre dating someone and they just dont know it yet!! . . No but seriously all jokes aside. I think you're really pretty. Don't worry, there's a Kwon Jiyong waiting out there for you so don't give up. :)
Hey you're beautiful ^^ It doesn't look like you broke your nose so you're good :) I love GD's songs especially 'Who You' :D the single life is wonderful because you get to live life a little better until you find the right one c:
You're so gorgeous!! Men suck. Being single is more fun, you'll find a great guy eventually!:)
Love it! Thanks for tagging me:) this was super cute btw I love GD as well💕💕
Thanks for sharing.You seem like a lovely person,inside and out! Hmmn,i may or may not do this.Have never made a card,lol.
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