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Hello! I'm finally doing this love bug challenge. I've seen so many cards and I loved them. I was tagged by a few ppl @VeronicaArtino @nenegrint14 @deefron @LexTay327 @InPlaunSight @LAVONYORK were some ppl that I remembered tagged me.

A bit about me..

I love kpop! I love Asian culture! My favorite bands in kpop are Big Bang, EXO, and BTS! I love anime. I love DragonBall Z, Inuyasha, and Fairy Tale. I love Marvel! I'm a super nerd! I love literature, art, politics, clinical social work, and just learning new things. I'm into poetry and creating my own fiction. I'm a makeup addict! Favorite food....Korean and Japanese Food Odd Facts...I hate cheese, I can make some bomb kimchi, I know ppl by their scents, and I love shiny things! Fears....MOLD. I can't stand mold. Just typing about it make me all itchy! Bad Habits....bitting on my bottom lip, chewing on pen tops, short attention span Favorite Animals....Tiger, Lion, Wolf, and Dragons (Not real, but I like em' lol) Things I can't stand....Ppl who stank lol, women who don't blend their makeup in all the way lol, and sitting close to ppl I don't know (crowded places). Favorite colors.... Pink, Purple, GOLD! Religion....Christianity

Selfie Time

Summer and current look.

Dream Crush

Namjoon, Jimin, Chris H. I know there is a dramatic difference in my type of guys I like. Oh well that's my life. However, what they all have in common is that they are funny, talented, work hard to achieve their goals, and sexy of course.

Favorite Anime Guys/ Fiction Guys

I would so marry these guys if they were real! Sesshomaru Inuyasha Vampire Lestat

My Ideal Guy/What I look for in a man

My Ideal man....

Would want children, but has no children Has a college education Has a real legal job Be a Christian Be and common sense wise Can provide....emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially Love learning Love culture Smell good Be attractive Be funny Be nice

Current Status

This is just recently.....he fully aware that my kpop men are my main side pieces lol. My boyfriend is awesome not only does he has flawless hair like Legolas and is a Legolas look a like he's is super awesome like me lol. We both like anime, we love action and sci-fi flims, Indie films, and Asian culture. Basically, we have so much in common. This is really recent. I'm curious to see how this will go. I haven't had a boyfriend in a while due to the values of my peers in my area. Where I live many or my peers have a bunch of kids, have no goals, have barley any education, only want to smash and dash. I was raised in a 2 parent traditional house and I know my worth. I don't have time for scrubs and baby momma drama.

Most Romantic Memory.....

Currently my boyfriend spent all day with me celebrating BTS comeback. He's not really a kpop fan....more so anime and Manga fan...but give me time I will turn him around lol. Anyhow, he watched all the BTS youtube videos I could find, he helped me make a BTS cake, and helped me make our Korean dinner for that day. This is not really romantic per se but it was a cute memory.

First thing I notice when I see a guy

His smell. Yass I'm odd, but I have a thing about scents. His hair. Does he have awesome hair! His teeth. Are those teeth healthy? His hands. Are those hands clean and decent looking? Eyes. I really do feel eyes are the door to the soul. Style. Does this guy even care?

Okay that's it amigos! Bye!

The last time I told someone I recognized people by smell, I was in seventh grade and got harassed to no end! It's so nice to hear that someone else is like that! It sounds like you and your boyfriend are off to a good start! I wish you both well! 😊
Thanks everyone! Yeah I had to return the favor by spending a whole day with him and his friends for Star Wars. I'm not a fan, but I wanted to be nice. @BeannachtOraibh I'm proud about my nose thing lol. I know ppl by scents and my memories are linked by scents and colors.
That memory you have with your current boyfriend is sweet and I love that he is willing to at least get involved in some of your hobbies. That's amazing.
the fact that he was willing to dedicate a whole day to doing something that you liked even though it wasn't a big interest of his shows how much he cares for you and is romantic! I'm wishing you two the best luck! especially if he respects your values and ideals and you can both grow together and have similar goals! good luck!!! your thing with smells is interesting lol.
@shannonl5 lol thanks
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