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LOL I support my friends when they have crushes so much that I'm annoying *me sitting next to friend , and then friend's crush walk in* Me: OMG YOUR CRUSH JUST WALKED IN!!! Friend: Shut up!! Me: But he is right there * points obviously at him* Am I a good friend? LOL
This was the face I made the weird laugh noise at omfg I wish I could record it
You're quick! And at some point for like a split second Jungkook did the face. That fuckin face he makes! It's so awkward and hilarious and his eyebrows! I love it. I like went gasped a little when I thought he was going to do it. I'm not the only one who knows that face right?
I'd scream loudly 'YOU GO GIRL, GET SOME!!!' and tease the heck out of her.
ahh genius i will make one too but when my laptop stops misbehaving ^~^
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