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Big Bang Just for fun Taeyang's new job
Seungri: Today I will like to share my best massage experience with you all. Taeyang recently got a 2nd job as massage therapy.
Seungri: Here is his business card.
Seungri: The experience I had was wonderful
Seungri: You can see how much I enjoy
Seungri: and how gentle Taeyang was
Seungri: I was so satisfy with his service and all of our others members enjoyed too.
GD: Yes.. I still remember how pain... I mean how good it felt
TOP: Yes I really lliikkkeee it....
Daesung: word can't described
Taeyang: Thank you guys for the support!! I will do my best!!!
I feel sorry for them that they can't even tell us their true feelings.
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I laugh every time I see this, poor Seungri his face is so funny when Taeyang wakes him up from his nap.
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Lmao XD
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